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Month: May, 2003

eBay Guilty

The jury has spoken and eBay has been found guilty of patent infringement.
BuyItNow was patented in 1995 by some former CIA spook. There has to be a conspiracy in there somewhere.
triple damages = 105 mil.
I wonder how many Pez dispensers eBay will have to sell to pay that bill?
Maybe the US Patent office should auction off patents for things like breathing and drinking coffee. The proceeds could be used for deficit reduction and or maybe increased funding for congressional staff and supplies.

I really hope Congress likes to use the BuyItNow feature.


The EU, RFIDs and Money

Over at there is an article about the EU, RFIDs, and bank notes.
My question is when will the EU mandate the cranial implant. Or even better a wedlock collar for everyone. No more national strikes in France or it’s off with your head.

By the way I can tell you have 5 Euros. I only want 3.


Up Up and away!!!

The site is up and slowly taking shape. It isn’t pretty, but it will do. There is nothing like Movabletype. Thanks to Ron @ Bieber labs and the Linux Journal for pointing out MT.
I will fine tune the site over the comming months.
More to follow……