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Month: March, 2004

My Cafepress Store.

I now have my own Cafe Press store. I am still working on content for the store. I have put out some products for a friends website though.

Cafe Press is really cool and allows the common person to merchandise their ides easily.

Check it out.


I dream about building things that are beautiful and memorable.

I dream of building things that have QWAN (Quality Without A Name).

I dream of building things that ooze value and integrity.

I dream…..


I just downloaded iTunes. Apple knows user interface and has put together an impressive music catalog. The directed search is nice and the relevancy indicator is well done. I like the value added theme albums. They are the modern equivalent to the classic mix tape.

Bravo Steve Jobs, I don’t know much but I know I like iTunes.

Design is everything. iTunes may not dent the universe but it sure does make a nice effort.

PS. A qualifier, I don’t own any Apple products.