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Month: July, 2005

Just the Facts: A retail revolution turns 10

I am trying out a new idea, just list the facts from the story and ignore all else. So with out further delay:

A Retail Revolution Turns 10 (not free as in beer)

Original Seed Money: $300 thousand
Amazon active users: 49 Million
Number of categories on Amazon: 31
Cost of free shipping in 1st qtr 2005: $55 million
Amazon Revenue:

  • 1996 $15.7 million.
  • 1997 $147.8 million.
  • 1999 $1.6 billion (pinky pointing to mouth like Dr. Evil)
  • 2004: $6.9 billion

Percent of Revenue generated by provideing services to third parties: 27%

Amazon Profit:

  • 1999: – $719 million.
  • 2004: $588 million

Amazon total losses as of 2001: $2.9 billion

Share Price:

  • All time High: $113.
  • 7/8/2005: $34.74

Share Price change:
2004: -16%
2005 YTD: -22%

Year Amazon was founded: 1994
First year Amazon turned a profit: 2003
Years it took Amazon to make a profit: 9
Amount Borrowed from Banks: $2 billion.

Jeff Bezos Networth: $3.5 Billion
Jeff Bezos Age: 41
Percent of Amazon shares owned by Jeff Bezos: ~ 25%
Jeff Bezos current salery: $81,000

My favorite quote from the article is by Mark R. Anderson. Mr Anderson said,

“You have to give Jeff credit.”

No shit???? I think everyone has given Jeff credit, to the tune of…… 2 Billion dollars.
Here is my question, how many small business loans does it take to fund Amazon?

Bastard pop

Bastard pop is the focus of the podcast by the Angry penguin. I have long been a fan of remix/mashup/bastard pop. Of late I have been listening to DJ BC and trying to get as much Danger mouse as possible. The Beatallica songs are great. The best part of the all the songs was Hey Dude. Near the end of Hey Dude there is a lyric “We hope we don’t get sued” . When I heard that I nearly fell out of my chair laughing.

Tom The Architect Podcasting version 001

Now available for your immediate consumption Tom The Architect Podcasting version 001. This is my first try at podcasting and I am sure that I have a great deal to learn. Check it out.

Podcasting on the way

Just a quick note that I am working on my first Podcast. I have the first draft ready but I want to let some friends hear it first. You know, poor mans focus grouping. It should be ready some time this week.

The only way to fly

I was able to fly on the corporate jet for the first time. WOW! It makes first class seem so poor. I flew from Chicago to LA on a Dassault Falcon. There is no waiting, no long security lines, and no middle seats. We were able to work comfortably on the plane. I would say that flying private saves at least 4 to 5 hours per trip. Now I may never get a chance to fly in this fashion again, but I can now understand how efficient and effective the corporate jet is.