Tom the Architect who the heck is he?:
Just your everyday mild-mannered Architect. I have 2 beautiful children, an amazing wife and 1 goofy dog in my life. and one lazy dog and one crazy dog in my life. I work for one of the largest B2B eCommerce Websites in the country. I work for a large Life Sciences company. I work for a fortune 500 Distributor of MRO products and services. I work for the 5th largest Pharmacutial company in the world. I have been working with computers since the fifth grade. I wrote my first basic program on a TRS-80 in Collins elementary school and I have been at it ever since. I spent a good part of my life wrestling and was a 4-year varsity letter winner at a small division one university. I spend a lot of time thinking about and researching the multiple influences and disciplines aggregated into “Architecture”, it’s a hobby.

What do I write about?

Whatever strikes my fancy. My entries range from book reviews to lists, to rants and the occasional photo. I hope you find it interesting, if not what can I say, hmmm…. you get what you pay for.

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