SAP Teched San Diego

I have spent the last week at SAP Teched in San Diego. I’m not going to review the content of the conference but I will comment on the amenities of the conference. The SDN Lounge was OK. It was short on seating and comfort in general. The conference in general was short on non-session seating. The conference needed a place where people could just hand out.

The San Diego Convention Center was nice and extremely spacious. The chairs used in the sessions were not very comfortable. I found myself standing more than sitting. Similar to the last Teched I attended the snacks were pretty good. Lunch was ok and there wasn’t anyone yelling at me about taking an extra slice of cheesecake (Java One style).

This conference had by far the best Internet connectivity of any conference I have ever attended. The connectivity was sponsored by Intel. Sun would be served well by asking Intel to sponsor connectivity at Java One, maybe it would help.

One a scale of 1 to 5 the conference amenities rates a 3.5. More casual seating and more comfortable seating during the sessions would rate at least a 4.