Support the troops

As I am driving around I keep seeing many forms of the Support The Troops magnet on all different kinds of vehicles. I find this a bit ironic. I guess these people are saying “Support our Troops” so they can maintain stability in the Middle East? The rate at which the United States consumes foreign oil requires that the US maintain sufficient military assets to protect our oil supplies. So those people driving around in their Suburbans with their little yellow magnets are indirectly contributing to the need for an ever-stronger military. They are also making it more likely that the Troops will be deployed to protect our oil supplies. Just a wild thought that entered my mind as I saw a big ass SUV with a yellow magnet. I doubt many people think about it.

Full tanks and open roads.

3 thoughts on “Support the troops”

  1. I see Tom The Architect doesn’t like Suburbans because we ‘are indirectly contributing to the need of an ever-stronger military….to protect our oil supplies’.

    I bet me and my ‘big-ass’ Suburban uses less of our oil supply than whatever he’s using for his 2+ hour daily commute. 😉

    And no, I don’t have any of those magnetic ribbons – they’re just making the magnet ribbon manufacturers richer.

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