10 uses for Google Maps

  1. Find the best vantage point to watch fireworks from.
  2. Plan walking excursions when in strange cities.
  3. Look for Randy Rhoades grave.
  4. Finding cool locations for a house or places with a great view.
  5. Find short cuts home from work.
  6. Penetrate the layers of privacy the idle rich use to hide there homes.
  7. Look at water ways in farm land to avoid buying a swamp.
  8. Show friends where your hotel was located in Paris.
  9. Find the places the government doesn’t want you to see.
  10. See what the cold war gave us.

One thought on “10 uses for Google Maps”

  1. It is worth checking out Keyhole, of which Google Maps is a stripped-down cousin. We used this with its business and public transit overlays to help pick where we wanted to go apartment-shopping when we moved to Walnut Creek, where we had never been before.

    Worked excellently.


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