Google AdSense as an Activist platform

I was thinking could Google AdSense be used as a platform for activism or protest. could buy keywords that would help expose their movement or act as a counter weight to their opponents. I know that it could be expensive but imagine how targeted you could be. I bet there will be a political campaign consultant that specializes in using Google (if there isn’t one already) to win the swing or undecided voters. Now I understand that Google might have an issue with that.

Then I thought what if Google wanted to provide equal time for searches that were of a political nature. Google could also donate AdSense budget for movements it thought were important. The more I think about it, Google could use its position to influence people one way or another. Imagine every search result page having a small space for activism or protest.

Its a good thing Google isn’t evil.

One thought on “Google AdSense as an Activist platform”

    Another site I frequent had its Google Ads account yanked for the evil of publishing articles about responsible gun ownership.

    I make no bones about it, Google is evil. I’m sure Google would have absolutely no problem selling ad words to the Workers World Party, sorry the communist front group… At the same time Google would probably refuse to sell words to any group that doesn’t meet their progressive world view. You know groups that try to teach responsible gun ownership or groups that believe in limited government and the empowerment of the individual.

    People bitched and moaned about Microsoft because it kept other operating systems down. Now, we have a company so powerful that it can control information itself. Goggle is outdoing Microsoft, they’re keeping thought down.

    Given that the progressive movement is looking more and more like fascism with a different name this scares me.

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