Attention and Popularity

James Govenor refers to Attention as being:

like, all about being “popular”, which is fine if you’re in high school in Santa Monica but is really no basis for living.

An excerpt from Wikipedia on popularity:

General popularity usually involves respect in two directions: the popular person is respected by his peers, and will simultaneously show them respect, thus reinforcing their belief that he is deserving of his popularity.

This reciprocal nature of interpersonal popularity is often overlooked by people (particularly the young) who are attempting to become popular

From The End by The Beatles:

in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make

The currency of popularity is respect and attention is a type of respect. In terms of living one’s life attention is extremely valuable. Where someone places their attention is all about living, anyone one with children understands the reciprocal nature of attention.

The attention you get is equal to the attention you give.

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Respect Is More Important Than Attention.

Wikipedia on Popularity