The Attention lease and The Attention Investment Trust

The idea is similar to an infrastructure lease (Cities use it to create revenue from roads and such. Think the Chicago sky way). We as individuals formalize the capture of our attention data with a lease. We exclusively lease our attention to a Attention Investment Trust (AIT similar to a REIT) in return for shares. The trust then invests our attention on our behalf and then returns payment in the form of dividends or appreciated value of our shares. This would allow people to formalize control over their attention data in a efficient way. It would require only limited amounts of time researching the reputation, goals, and track record of the AIT. If the trust does not perform the person can sell their shares and revoke their authorization to use their attention.

I’m no finance guy, but I have met a few and I know that they could throw something together in a heart beat. Imagine if Google, yahoo and Amazon had to buy your attention on the Chicago mercantile Exchange (offered by AITs), like Southwest buys fuel. That would change the game, good or bad it’s just an example of the many opportunities around attention.