Sunday Favorite: Cote Mind maps

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Centeris LikeWise Briefing Notes, originally uploaded by cote.

I am a big fan of mind mapping. Coté of Redmonk creates great mind maps. I think Mr. Coté uses Mind Manager, I prefer Freemind.

So check out Coté’s Mind maps. Enjoy.


Coté RSS feed via Redmonk
Coté mind map RSS feed via Flickr

Freemind open source mind mapping software

3 thoughts on “Sunday Favorite: Cote Mind maps”

  1. Thanks for the compliment 😉 I’ll try to put more maps online. The trouble is that there’s NDA/embargo info in a lot of the notes/maps I take.

    I do use MindManager. They sent me a free OS X copy. If I had to pay the $200+ myself for it, I’d probably consider free options like FreeMind. But, we’ll see if the next OS X version brings in even more features (like export to very clean XHTML/CSS) that would make it worth it.

  2. The export feature is really important to me also. Freemind does SVG, XHTML (Java script and clickable image map), HTML, PDF, ODF, JPEG, PNG and Custom XSLT. Not all are clean exports. I have seen MindManager and the authoring interface seems to be much nicer than Freemind. Keep up the good work.

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