The Midtail and Backwards Gangs

I have been trying to listen to my back log of podcasts over the past few weeks. I just got up to date on the Gillmor Gang. I have to say the last two Gillmor Gangs have been great listening. I really enjoy when Jason Calacanis is on the show. His direct and unbridled participation in the show is refreshing. The Midtail and Backwards Gangs could almost be called the Calacanis Therapy Gangs. He talks about being a golden collar at AOL, describing the challenges that come with his role, and the conflicts for him as an entrepreneur.

In the the backwards Gang he talks about doing some good for some kids in Brooklyn. The sad thing was the position that Dana Gardener took on Jason’s idea to help some Brooklyn students. Dana think that Jason is selfish for helping the kids outside of the system. I guess Dana needs to read a bit more about effecting change. I’m with Jason help whomever you can when ever you can and I hope his idea is a giant success.