One thought on “links for 2006-11-28”

  1. Having worked in a startup for 5+ months I can tell you that the moniker "good people" as described by the author of the posted link is ludicrously simplistic. A bunch of smart, good, talented, "animals" does not a company make. Even positing that the "good people" have a great idea that will find a ready market won’t make your startup successful. There has to be a lot of discipline and direction and not a group hug to make a startup profitable. On my best days I think that we have what it takes to be successful but there are times that even knowing the talent we have I’m left wondering. Just like there are many ways to make a project late but far fewer to expedite it I think that the same can be said of a startup. To create a successful venture requires a measure of lucky interpersonal alchemy that "good people" just doesn’t describe. We look like we’re going to be profitable next year and I’ll comment back sometime with an update.

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