Charter Cable Stupid Questions and Crappy Customer Service

I had recently had Charter Cable and internet installed. At the time I didn’t have a television to check the install, but the internet worked just fine. This past week I finally got a Television and hooked it all up. At to my surprise the cable did not work. So I called the customer service number. (Oh and buy the way the documentation the installer left with me didn’t have the customer service number. I assume that in the land of Charter the everything goes right the first time and who would think the customer might need support.)

So I select cable support on the IVR.
Then I get the mother of all IVR’s. It proceeds to take me through an automated diagnostics and trouble shooting process. The problem was that some of the steps were wrong. At one point the IVR states that I will know the cable box has resynchronized when the box displays the time or channel number. Well lets see My cable box doesn’t have a display other than a yellow and red light. Hmmm! If I was an average user I might have waited for a long time for that re-sync to complete.

So after saying CONTINUE about 1000 times the IVR runs our of stupid things for me to do and finally directs me to an agent. So after going through an identification process just short of submitting DNA (didn’t know cable was such a high security service) I explain my problem. All my channels except infomercials and CSPAN are disabled. The agent then asks me if I have tried to resolve the problem previously, Yeah about 40 minutes with the IVR, which transfered me to you. So the agent determines that I need a technician. The agent informs me that I would have to be home between 8 and 12. Yeah But I work sorry not possible, so the agent says the technician will check the connection from the outside. The agent seems to think that the installer failed to properly set up the connection at the outside box.

So I figure we are done, but no there is one more stupid question. “Would you like to upgrade to Digital cable?”

A bad script gone wrong, or really dumb agent. My extended basic cable doesn’t even work, why would I want to add on to something that doesn’t work.

Please just make work what I originally paid for and forget the up sell until you do something right.