Living in the Now

There is nothing like the pure unadulterated joy I see in my Daughters eyes. I see it when they are swinging on swings, running through sprinklers and when they giggle. I guess my point is we spend a great deal of time thinking about the future and what can be, all the while sacrificing what is now. We miss so much at times for so little.

Be Still. Be Now.

2 thoughts on “Living in the Now”

  1. Tom! We must be on the same wave length because, this is exactly what I shared with my new students today. You, ROCK! I miss you and yours. Call me when you have a moment.
    Much love.
    Betsy oxox

  2. Maybe there’s a way to combine the two. Find the things that we can do now that will get us where we want to be without having to be constantly conscience about where we want to be.

    I’m tired of thinking about where I want to be.

    btw – I bought a violin — the finest $80 violin money can buy! It sounded like “nothing…” really until I applied “bow resin.” Who would have known?

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