Fat Blogging Update

I have been walking and counting. I have started counting every calorie I consume, with a maximum of 1,600 calories per day. Now I do have a free day once a week, if I need it. On my free day I don’t count anything and I eat what I want, within reason. So what has all this step and calorie counting done for my weight.

My goal is 185 or Normal BMI.
My weight at the beginning of my quest was 270 lbs and a BMI of 39.3.

Today 60 days later my weight is 242 lbs and a BMI of 35.7.

Fat Blog to date -28 lbs. and a reduction in BMI by 3.6 points.

So I have made great progress but I have a ways to go. I encourage anyone who thinks this is hard to just try, it can be done one step at a time. You just have to be focused and committed.