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Made in the USA: WeatherTech Floorliners

I have been a WeatherTech customer for a number of years and really like their laser measured all weather car mats. Each mat is made specifically to fit perfectly each car. This product must have put a hurt on car dealers selling all weather mats for crazy markups. Most importantly they are Made in the U.S.A., it doesn’t get better than that. Also check out the other WeatherTech products also Made in the USA!

Made in The USA: Frost River Simple Briefcase

I am feeding my bag obsession, the reality is if you buy a bag from Frost River you may not need to buy another. I love the way they describe their company and their principles. Sometimes a simple brief case is all you need to going to and from the office and Frost River has a perfect bag for your commute, it’s called the Simple Brief. The best part is all their bags are Made in the USA.

Frost River Briefcase Review from David Hoole on Vimeo.

Made In The USA: Pen and Wallet

Machine ERA Makes great products right here in the USA. Check out the products I own below.

If you want to see more check out my ever growing list of useful products made in the USA.

I have the very first version of this pen and it has lived in my pocket eversince. I has a nice weight, uses Pilot Percise Gel ink and is Made in the USA.
The companion to the pen I carry is an early version of this slim wallet. I have had it for (I think a decade) a long time. I can carry 8 cards plus a little cash, just the right size.
This is my personalized Machine Era wallet. You may not be able to fly the flag everywhere you go but you can carry it with you.