JavaOne Blog Begins

I am trying to blog as often as possible from JavaOne.

The Arrival

The flight out on America Airlines was full and uneventful. SFO was amazingly efficient in getting my bag out. The plane arrived at 1:15 and I was in a cab by 1:25, not bad for SFO. I am staying at the Westin St. Francis, the Cabbie new where the hotel was and made great time getting there. The only problem was that she could not get her credit card machine to process my card. The cab driver gave up after multiple phone calls to someone and lots of heated Portuguese. So lets see 4 hrs flying, 10 min to get my luggage, 20 min cab ride, 45 minutes trying to charge my credit card. aaaaahhhhhhh! She even had to call me later to get the expiration because the imprint didn’t get it, Go Figure. Here is my suggestion, how about a stored value smart card that you can buy at the airport for taxis, or flat rate vouchers you configure and buy at the airport. More to come�. Stay tuned.