Tuesday at JavaOne

The Scott McNealy Keynote was ok. I mean he had his rants and the slapping of the back by some consulting firm. Orbitz won a Dukie award for using Java and Jini that was cool. It�s nice to see a Chicago company get some recognition.

I went to some good sessions and some dogs. I attended a session on the new programming language Groovy. It is really nice and eliminates a great deal of java boilerplate. A friend of mine would like the support for closures and autoboxing. The Angry Penguin would like it because it can be run as an ant task.

I attended a session on instant messaging and presence. The best takeaways from that session were that the programming is slowly getting easier and this is going to big. Imagine a context aware device that facilitates and intermediates a customers experience. I say cool and the sooner the better.

Stay tuned more boring commentary to come.

One thought on “Tuesday at JavaOne”

  1. Angry Penguin like Groovy! ;>)

    Thanks for posting this up. A lot of influence from Python and Ruby. I still like Jython better, but this is definitely a step in the right direction.

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