The Digital Divide sponsored Pete Sessions, SBC, Verizon, and Comcast

I heard a NPR article about Municipal WiFi in Philadelphia. I have also caught bits and pieces on the Municipal Wifi fight in St. Charles Illinois. My position is simple; ubiquity of the internet is a key to developing an informed and technology savvy labor force. A tech savvy work force will be required to help the United States maintain its position as the economic force in the world. Many countries are using the flattening force of the internet to compete with the U.S. workforce. Today not only do companies compete but so do the workforces in all countries around the world.

As long as companies are going to charge $50 to $80 a month for Broadband internet access, and as long as we have ignorant, lobbyist loving Congressmen (Pete Sessions, Former Phone Executive) trying to pass laws to hinder internet access and maintain the digital divide, we are going to lose to the other countries.

Access to information must to be affordable for all Americans.

Sascha Meinrath has an article with more information.

Call and write your Congress person and say no to H.R.2726.