The Automakers new revenue stream

I read Jonathan Schwartz suggested the automobile companies could give cars away free in exchange for a subscription to their telematics service (like On Star). So I thought about the possibilities and there are a boat load. Advertising and product placement (where does Starbucks put the next store) based on attention data gathered from the telematics system. A car could be collecting information on the radio shows you listen to, when you change channels, and know what roads you frequent (I’m sure Infinity outdoor would love that information). The telematics system could provide the radio with geolocated advertising like advertisements for the doughnut shop you are about to pass.

So it goes, sell them the car, require a subscription to telematics, gather data, sell the data to advertisers, funnel advertising into the car and put companies like shadow traffic out of business. The opportunities are limitless.

One thought on “The Automakers new revenue stream”

  1. I fancy this idea as my wife is always on the go. The problem is that I don’t always know where. A simple trip to the “grocery store” could be something much more; she can’t be trusted, not for a second.

    With attention data I can keep an eye on the lass and make sure she’s not getting randy with the local butcher if you know what I mean. Even better, it means I’ll have more free time as tracking my wife’s every move really compromises my free time. On many nights I’ve fancied a game of poker with the guys only to be pre-empted as I sit all alone in a car watching her every move.

    This indeed is a job for the computer.

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