Bones in Motion Location aware (attention) application builder

I was at JavaOne back in May and I stopped to talk to the folks at the Bones in Motion booth. They were showcasing their J2ME based application that lets you record your jogging and up load it to their site. The site provides you with splits, route maps (Google mash-up), elevation changes, calculates calories burned, allows for you to share your routes, blog about your routes, see recommendations from others, and search for new routes. It is a fee based service (9.99/month) that is conveniently charged to your cell phone bill. In talking with the person in the booth it sounds like this application is the first in a series of Location aware applications. I even find the name of their recorder application interesting its the “Life recorder”.

My question for Bones In Motion can I remove my uploaded data If I choose to leave or share less?

There are a whole class of phone based solutions that are about to explode on the market. If you are a jogger it looks to be an interesting application.

As a side note:
Sprint/Nextel seem to be the only really capable platforms right now. That seemed to be the consensus (Informal non-scientific survey) around JavaOne. Not Surprisingly, only applications signed by Sprint can have access to the GPS services on a handset. I asked Sprint and they said (I Paraphrase) that GPS usage adds costs and they just want to recoup those costs. Nextel doesn’t require that its applications be signed. I think its carrier mentality, protecting their turf. The carriers are fully aware of the value of location aware and integrated applications, they simply want more than just the revenue from the data traffic.

BIMActive by Bones in Motion

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