Seeking Feedback on my Linking format

I have been using my summary link format for a bit of time.

I was wondering what you the reader think of my link format?

Please leave a comment for or against my current like format. I also welcome suggestions on how to improve my linking format. Thanks, I look forward to hearing from everyone.

3 thoughts on “Seeking Feedback on my Linking format”

  1. It seems very unnatural to read without hyperlinks on the web. It seems very inconvenient when I want to look up something. I usually click on something, if I am curious to go deeper into it’s meaning and then come back to the web site and continue reading the article. Now, it is very inconenient as I have to come down to the bottom of the article and then go to a web site, then go back to where I was.

    In one word, do not like it. :-). Sorry to be so blunt.

  2. I agree with Nalla. I like inline links. When you have a links section at the bottom of the post, you pretty much guarantee that I won’t see them. I like to read the related content AS I’m reading the content I’m on.

    See Nalla, you’re not so blunt … ;>)

  3. I think that there can be a middle ground if you want to maintain links at the end. I personally like to see all the links at the end. It provides a summary of links in one place, like a journal.

    One choice that I see is to link in text and provide a list at the bottom as well. When linking in text, just have a word as a link, not the entire URL written out.

    Another choice is to have footnotes. Put a footnote link inline with the text and # down to the list after your writeup. Scroll down a bit into this page and you’ll see some examples: (and replace the footnote text at the bottom with links)

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