Tom The Architect Has a New Home

After 8 years of hosting my blog and self-managing my blog at Dreamhost, I have finally moved to  Back in the day I had time to manage my own upgrades and tinker with things, but over the past 5 years I have had little time to be my own System Admin.  The reality is I have had little time to Blog and only my link monkey feed has been updating the site. The migration was forced by the ever increasing Hack fest the web has turned into.  The site had been hacked on 2 occasions due to the very outdated version of wordpress I was running and some poor chmod choices only part.   So keeping Tom The Architect safe and up to date is now the responsibility  I hope now to devote more time to writing, with the hopes that I might remember how to spell and form coherent sentences.

Tom the Architect in the Simpsons

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Tom the Architect in the Simpsons, originally uploaded by TomC.

I created my own Simpsons Avatar. This is Tom the Architect in Springfield. I can’t say I did a great job, but its close. Get your own Simpsons Avatar here.

Live from my MacBook Pro

I have finally joined the Mac user community. For Fathers day I received, from my wonderful girls, a 15″ MacBook Pro. My first impression is WOW what a wonderful piece of hardware. The key board is excellent with key breaks similar to my favorite Thinkpad. The finish is awesome in many ways this laptop is a work of art. I will have to get used to different commands but that is a small price to pay. I first started programming on a TRS-80 when I was 11 years old. I moved to an Apple II when I was 13. At that time I thought the Apple II was incredible, sadly I only had access to the Apple II when I was in computer lab in school. I would spend the next 22 years working on PCs, Oh what have missed.

Welcome FeedBurner

I have finally closed on my RFP for feed management. It only took me 10 months, that’s about right for an IT project. I have to say the set up was easy and straight forward.

I look forward to the day when Google analytics is merged with FeedBurner. Google will soon have a comprehensive offering for collecting behavioral data for websites. A belated congratulations to the folks at FeedBurner, I hope that the acquisition goes better than others (blogger, dodgeball).

Death to the Link Monkey and iPodus no Updatus

Ok, I have been gone for far to long. Back at the beginning of March I started work for a new company. I thought that restarting my blog would be fitting. So, I have returned to the town where my career started. I have enjoyed the questions of my friends. One question I found funny was “Do you control your own lights?”. I guess the ability to control your own lights is an informal measure of accomplishment. I wasn’t aware of that measure, but for the record I can control my own lights.

I have been living in a hotel for the last month, about 1 minute from the office. I would like to coin a new disease iPodus no Updatus. My iTunes account is on my home PC ugh! The hardest thing of all is being away from my family. So look for regular posts from Tom The Architect.