Update on my RFP for Feed Management Services

Well, I put out my RFP for feed management services last Thursday. I have received one thoughtful and rapid reply from FeedBurner (a Chicago company, that makes me happy). I have received visitors from some other companies that offer feed management services (You know who you are) but none as of this post have responded. So I will leave my RFP open until the end of the week.

On Friday August 11, I will make my decision and publish my findings.

So, if any of you lurking companies wish to take on FeedBurner, you better get to it.

reply from FeedBurner

My RFP for Feed management services

I am looking to migrate from my WordPress generated and managed feeds to a third party service. So I thought I would spell out my requirements.

The important stuff:

  • The migration to the service must be seamless for my current subscribers (Yeah I know all 3).
  • The service should provide a suite of metrics that allow me better understand who, how often, when, how long, how many times (You know what I mean, the numbers).
  • In the case that I choose to leave your service, I must be able to migrate my feeds transparently and also be able to migrate my usage data.
  • I would like support for one click subscription to the various news readers.
  • The service must have tight wordpress integration.
  • Integration with analytical packages say like Google analytics
  • feeds must be human readable
  • I would like it to support leave comment from the feed.
  • Configurable support for social network services like Digg or (Sometimes I want it on, sometimes off)
  • Support for the widest set of RSS extensions (This is what I mean)
  • A strong record of availability, reliability and scalability (I might hit 4 subscribers someday)
  • Should support multiple feeds per site, no limit.
  • Integration to see where my feed is bookmarked and subscribed (,, Google reader ect…)

The not so important stuff:

  • Advertising, I prefer none. ( I know that say for a free service this is negotiable)

A free service must support the first 3 bullet points in my important stuff list. The rest Is negotiable. I may be willing to pay for no ads and really cool features. I would like to see a track record of satisfied customers, transparency is good. So that is it so far, if I think of more I will be sure to spring it on you in the 9th hour.

So make your case (reader recommendations welcome)

Question: To edit or iterate

I have been writing my blog in some form since about 2003. At first the having a blog was just meant as a trial of the format that I had been enjoying for years. Now that I post a bit more regularly, I have been thinking about how I write/ create content. I don’t claim to be a skilled writer just an eager one. I have struggled with how formal my writing process should be, how much prep, how many drafts ect. So I have come to the point where I am going to treat my writing as an iterative process. each post as an iteration trying to improve generally and possibly re-working previous ideas.

So here is my question:
How do you approach writing your blog, is it more edit or more iterate and why?

RSS feed Fixed

I have received some complaints (Angry Penguin) about my RSS feed only sending article summaries. I just want to clarify that I wasn’t trying to force people to the site, it was just an oversight on my part. It was a simple config change in wordpress. I hope the new config makes your subscription a bit more enjoyable.

Testing Gmail for my Domain

I was granted access to the Gmail for Domains beta. The set up was extremely simple, but I still don’t think that a non geek will know what their MX record is. Adding accounts is a snap and the calendar integration is wonderful. I am now wondering how much it will cost for multiple domains. I have multiple domains and would like to manage all my email account for my whole family via Gmail without setting up forwarding. Google definitely has the email interface down. It works great and I love the way email threads are handled. If Google can provide a few more tools, there will be no reason to buy office. Google will have a completely integrated set of office web applications that are completely portable. I won’t have to worry about backing up anything or getting updates and security patches.

Corporations would be well served by a tool like Gmail for domains. Corporations have to get around and over the control issues, if they do Gmail is a no brainer. For companies with large field operations again it’s a no brainer. It’s only a matter of time.

I give Gmail for Domains 5 out of 5 Stars.

Gmail for your domain