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Seeking Feedback on my Linking format

I have been using my summary link format for a bit of time.

I was wondering what you the reader think of my link format?

Please leave a comment for or against my current like format. I also welcome suggestions on how to improve my linking format. Thanks, I look forward to hearing from everyone.

Question: To edit or iterate

I have been writing my blog in some form since about 2003. At first the having a blog was just meant as a trial of the format that I had been enjoying for years. Now that I post a bit more regularly, I have been thinking about how I write/ create content. I don’t claim to be a skilled writer just an eager one. I have struggled with how formal my writing process should be, how much prep, how many drafts ect. So I have come to the point where I am going to treat my writing as an iterative process. each post as an iteration trying to improve generally and possibly re-working previous ideas.

So here is my question:
How do you approach writing your blog, is it more edit or more iterate and why?

RSS feed Fixed

I have received some complaints (Angry Penguin) about my RSS feed only sending article summaries. I just want to clarify that I wasn’t trying to force people to the site, it was just an oversight on my part. It was a simple config change in wordpress. I hope the new config makes your subscription a bit more enjoyable.

Testing Gmail for my Domain

I was granted access to the Gmail for Domains beta. The set up was extremely simple, but I still don’t think that a non geek will know what their MX record is. Adding accounts is a snap and the calendar integration is wonderful. I am now wondering how much it will cost for multiple domains. I have multiple domains and would like to manage all my email account for my whole family via Gmail without setting up forwarding. Google definitely has the email interface down. It works great and I love the way email threads are handled. If Google can provide a few more tools, there will be no reason to buy office. Google will have a completely integrated set of office web applications that are completely portable. I won’t have to worry about backing up anything or getting updates and security patches.

Corporations would be well served by a tool like Gmail for domains. Corporations have to get around and over the control issues, if they do Gmail is a no brainer. For companies with large field operations again it’s a no brainer. It’s only a matter of time.

I give Gmail for Domains 5 out of 5 Stars.

Gmail for your domain

A point of order: Linking within posts

I will no longer link within my writing instead I will provide links at the bottom of the post just above the tags. I was listening to the Gillmor Gang[1] and Steve Gillmor talked about linking being dead[2]. From a value perspective linking is challenged due to all the splinks. Companies that sell words within their articles, and spammers really are killing the informational value of linking. So in effort to make my text easier to consume, I am refraining from linking from within the post. Posts will have a links section at the bottom and eventually I will provide an icon that identifies off site links. I will also be offering the RSS feeds for sites I reference in an effort to drive folks away from a page click page model.

Get the Gillmor Gang RSS here
[1] The Gillmor Gang Podcast

Get Steve Gillmor’s InfoRouter RSS here
[2] Links are dead, Doc: by Steve Gillmor meet Sxore.

Comments are now being auto moderated via Sxore. I saw Dick Hardt present on identity 2.0 at Web 2.0. I thought the presentation was really interesting. So as I update the site, I decided to add Sxore comment moderation. So if someone ever comments I can tryout Sxore. So let me know what you think.

My AITP presentation

I had the opportunity to give a presentation to students at my Alma mater. I thought I did ok and my wife told me I didn’t stick my foot in my mouth to far. Thanks again to everyone at my Alma mater and to all the students who attended.

Google is now watching (oh yeah and maybe No Such Agency also)

I finally have installed Google Analytics. What can I say I just wanted to try Google Analytics out. I was also real lazy and used the Google Analyticator plug-in. It was easy as 123. Now I can track the mass of people that stop by to see how long it has been since I updated last.

I wonder if the there are more robust versions of the plug-in underway, maybe from Google. Sounds like a great summer of code project.

WordPress 2.0 up and running

Well its been a long time since I updated the blog. Having Kids keeps me very busy and causes my blog to suffer. I had some time off so I decided to upgrade to WordPress 2.0. I f you see and problems let me know.

Happy new year.

Podcasting on the way

Just a quick note that I am working on my first Podcast. I have the first draft ready but I want to let some friends hear it first. You know, poor mans focus grouping. It should be ready some time this week.