Google is now watching (oh yeah and maybe No Such Agency also)

I finally have installed Google Analytics. What can I say I just wanted to try Google Analytics out. I was also real lazy and used the Google Analyticator plug-in. It was easy as 123. Now I can track the mass of people that stop by to see how long it has been since I updated last.

I wonder if the there are more robust versions of the plug-in underway, maybe from Google. Sounds like a great summer of code project.

4 thoughts on “Google is now watching (oh yeah and maybe No Such Agency also)”

  1. Not sure what Google’s polocies are towards analytics, but I’m familiar with ad sense. I hope that you never post anything “conservative” leaning. You can kiss your account goodby. Don’t be evil indeed…

    Microsoft kept other operating systems down. Google’s getting good at doing the same to ideas. I personally don’t want them anywhere near one of my sites. They leave a smell.


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