Testing Gmail for my Domain

I was granted access to the Gmail for Domains beta. The set up was extremely simple, but I still don’t think that a non geek will know what their MX record is. Adding accounts is a snap and the calendar integration is wonderful. I am now wondering how much it will cost for multiple domains. I have multiple domains and would like to manage all my email account for my whole family via Gmail without setting up forwarding. Google definitely has the email interface down. It works great and I love the way email threads are handled. If Google can provide a few more tools, there will be no reason to buy office. Google will have a completely integrated set of office web applications that are completely portable. I won’t have to worry about backing up anything or getting updates and security patches.

Corporations would be well served by a tool like Gmail for domains. Corporations have to get around and over the control issues, if they do Gmail is a no brainer. For companies with large field operations again it’s a no brainer. It’s only a matter of time.

I give Gmail for Domains 5 out of 5 Stars.

Gmail for your domain

3 thoughts on “Testing Gmail for my Domain”

  1. "I won’t have to worry about backing up anything"

    Well, you might want to create an offline backup of your mail just in case, especially if there is important mail stored there. It’s easily done by enabling POP access in Gmail for all mail, and then using a standard mail client such as Thunderbird to download everything. Just in case.

    I have to agree with you though, the interface is beautiful, clean and easy to use.

  2. I agree there may be cases where someone might need to create a back-up of critical email. Using POP to create that back-up is easy way to do that, and Thunderbird is a great tool also.

  3. I’ve been testing the Gmail for my domain as well and I think it’s great. With POP 3 it seems I can download the email and still leave a copy on gmail which gets flagged so that it does’nt download the next time i POP. Not sure what Thunderbird does but it seems to be built in.

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