3 thoughts on “RSS feed Fixed”

  1. Mr. The Architect,

    I am the "Angry Dude." You run a blog. I am not forced to view your RSS feed. Yet, I feel strangely compelled to write to you in order to express my anger with you, your RSS, and well, my lack of a life.

    I request that you provide me with the said life that I lack; through your RSS feed or otherwise. Get to it or I may write to you and express additional displeasures once more. You have been warned.

    That. Is. All.

    Angry Dude

  2. Angry Dude,

    Does your browser support the mime-types life/basic or life/interesting? If not, not sure Tom the Architect can help you.


    I enjoyed this comment a lot.

  3. “Ron,” my browser’s capabilities surely have little to do with RSS, my life, or your rather pale attempt, MR PENGUIN, to derail this conversation from addressing the one most culpable in these matters.

    Only if it were so easy… cast off the old as if the new will bring me joy. Would one cast off his loyal 80 year old hag of a wife if a 20 year old spring chicken became interested in his leathery hulk?

    No, and I draw the line here and this line points directly to Architect. He owes me a life and I am not one to prescribe a solution. He’s so smart, let him figure out how! I am waiting.

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