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A new Theme

I have been quite lazy in maintaining my blog so I though a change in theme might motivate me. I found the Connections theme on Alex King’s Theme page. Connections was the winner of the WordPress 1.5 theme contest. I have always been facinated with tunnels and I guess that’s what drew me to this theme.

SiteBar up and running!

Well it took me a bit of time but I was finally able to get my SiteBar server running. I had some issues with untaring the files but I was able to get beyond it with some help from the Angry Penguin.

SiteBar for those of you that don’t know, provides a service similar to the bookmarks feature in the Yahoo toolbar. Now my friends can have one central location to store their links and access them from any computer.

Another wonderful open source product.

Good bye Moveable Type

It was a great trip while it lasted. Moveable Type is a good commercial product. It may well be the best commercial product, but it is not free. I am not opposed to commercial software. I like products that provide the lowest barrier to innovation.

I also feel that Six Apart distributed Moveable Type like a drug dealer distributes to prospective customers. Thats just my opinion. It was shrewd marketing but not very comfortable.

It was a nice ride.

I wish Moveable Type well and future sucess.

Up Up and away!!!

The site is up and slowly taking shape. It isn’t pretty, but it will do. There is nothing like Movabletype. Thanks to Ron @ Bieber labs and the Linux Journal for pointing out MT.
I will fine tune the site over the comming months.
More to follow……