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I spend a bit of time looking for a great piece of non-text for my Sunday Favorite post. The majority of time I look through Flickr. I like posting content of talented photographers, so that others might enjoy their art. Here’s the catch I have vowed to only post Creative Commons licensed photos. I have begun to use the Flickr Creative Commons search to make my quest more efficient. The real bummer is there are some great photos out there, but they are standard copyright (All rights reserved).

Now I don’t have a problem with standard copyright, but it makes putting together my Sunday post more work than I want it to be. I would bet many people don’t even think about the type of licence they use. For those that do think about the license they use, they need to understand that using a Creative Commons License does not mean you are giving away your work. In my case it allows an avid fan to try and spread the word.

So check out a Creative Commons License.

Links Summary:
Creative Commons License
Flickr Creative Commons Page

4 thoughts on “Finding Content For Sunday Favorite”

  1. I know you are trying your best, but that TransAmerican photo may be on shakey ground (haha funny pun). The TransAmerican building is a registered trademark and they protect it.

  2. I had read somewhere that the Eiffel tower at night is protected. I don’t know if it’s trademarked or what but commercial photographs are only allowed from a specific company. The same thing with the Chicago Bean. Commercial photographs are prohibited.

  3. I purposely have made all photos and content Creative Commons just for this purpose. I don’t mind at all if people use photos, as long as I’m told (not asked) and that it is not used to make money.

    I started this practice after starting the podcast. Its a lot of work asking permission all over the place and didn’t want to put others through it. The Creative Commons license, for me, offers an acceptable amount of protection and an acceptable amount of convenience to those in the commons.

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