FiveRuns an Interesting Company Using Ruby and Rails

I heard about FiveRuns on the Web 2.0 Show Podcast. From the FiveRuns website:

FiveRuns has developed a new breed of systems management software — a simple, straightforward, open-source answer for your monitoring, analyzing, reporting and predicting needs. Monitor and maintain your systems wherever you are and whenever you want with little more than a web browser and an Internet connection

Their platform is built on Ruby and Rails. They are also planning to provide a Rails application monitoring service. I think the idea that mundane services and applications need an excellent experience is a a very insightful approach for a systems management company to take. With complex system management tools there can be at times too much information, which can confuse the mission of a systems management tool. I think that it is funny that some of the large systems management tools require a team to manage the systems management tool.

FiveRuns gave a presentation on building scalable Rails applications at RailsConf . The presentation is an interesting read if you are into Rails. There seems to be a great deal of opportunity for FiveRuns to win the business of companies that traditionally can’t afford a systems management suite. They are currently in private beta but check them out looks interesting.


Monitoring Rails Applications in Production Environments warning PDF

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