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I was reading a post from Tim Bray about Dabble DB by Smallthough. So I went and watched the screen cast demo they have up on the site. Wow, very cool. Dabble is a collaborative data management, authoring, and publishing web application (I know that description doesn’t do Dabble DB justice). The application lets you copy and past spreadsheet data into the app. It lets you create associations not explicitly present in the original data. It lets you save views of the data. It publishes data in RSS and a lot more.

Just go and check it out, you will be impressed.


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2 thoughts on “Check out Dabble DB from Smallthought”

  1. After seeing the demo I’m left with the thought “that’s obvious, I could have done that.” Unfortunately, I would never have thought of it. This is something that Microsoft should have built on top of Excel YEARS ago. So much for a lot of smart people and PhDs…

    That kind of insight is priceless. Now, whether or not they make money will be a good question. I certainly would love to hire them to do the UIs for my trading systems.

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