Things that chew up my attention

  1. Keeping My iPod updated
  2. Paying for my gas, (No! I don’t want to buy a car wash, No! I don’t want a receipt, Do I ever choose anything but 87 octane)
  3. Buying anything at (But I still love the company)
  4. Television (I know I need tivo, heck I need digital cable)
  5. The weirdness that is Google reader (Love, hate. aaahh!)
  6. Link wandering (I have found great stuff but it takes forever)
  7. My corporate calendar (no mobile integration)
  8. Ubuntu, switch and you will know what I mean (Mac here I come, as soon as I save my pennies)

2 thoughts on “Things that chew up my attention”

  1. So I got to thinking today at the gas pump:

    "Paying for my gas…"

    What would it take to give a gas pump memory? I think that having to associate each and every customer to a credit card number would be difficult and its cost would probbaly overshadow any additional revenues (not to mention that I doubt you want them to store your credit card).

    Now a smart card that allows the pump to store a value onto the card could work. Unfortunately, has any smart card really succeeded?

    How would you actually make this happen? I doubt you could store info that you could later query during the cc transaction.

  2. The memory would have to be in the card.

    I think that it could be another incentive to get a oil company smart credit card. The other option is that credit card issuers could offer value added smart card services like efficiency at the pump.

    You swipe your card first so reading the chip could be possible.

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