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Things that chew up my attention

  1. Keeping My iPod updated
  2. Paying for my gas, (No! I don’t want to buy a car wash, No! I don’t want a receipt, Do I ever choose anything but 87 octane)
  3. Buying anything at CDW.com (But I still love the company)
  4. Television (I know I need tivo, heck I need digital cable)
  5. The weirdness that is Google reader (Love, hate. aaahh!)
  6. Link wandering (I have found great stuff but it takes forever)
  7. My corporate calendar (no mobile integration)
  8. Ubuntu, switch and you will know what I mean (Mac here I come, as soon as I save my pennies)

Google personalized homepage with Google Reader is great!

I have kept my reading list in Google reader from the day it was announced at Web 2.0 in October. I have to say the product has come a long way. I would keep my list in Reader and then export to OPML and then import the OPML into thunderbird. Well that practice has come to an end. I just started using the Reader integration with Google’s personalized homepage and I love it.

Google Reader Feature Request:
I would like a way to create rule based filters.