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Comparing programming languages in Google Trends

I thought I would try out Google Trends and compare popular programming languages. It appears that Java is still the big dog. Ruby came out of nowhere according to Google Trends. Click on the image to get a larger version.

Google Trends
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Jon Udell had a really interesting post detailing the number of Virtual Machines that reside on his various computers. I agree it would nice to see Sun increase its support for development of other languages based on the Java VM. I attended JavaOne in 2004 and there was a session on Groovy. I’m not sure that Groovy has been widely adopted and that Sun is willing to invest in taking the Java VM into the multi-language arena. Microsoft on the other hand seems to be ready and able have .NET be the multi-language VM of choice. I would think that Microsoft would be the choice to win the non-windows .NET VM competition. Thinking about it a bit more there are a large number of people that would prefer Mono just because its not directly from Microsoft.