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Sunday Favorite: hdr: moo

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hdr: moo, originally uploaded by txd.

I don’t know I just like this picture. HDR does wonders for clouds.

Tom the Architect in the Simpsons

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Tom the Architect in the Simpsons, originally uploaded by TomC.

I created my own Simpsons Avatar. This is Tom the Architect in Springfield. I can’t say I did a great job, but its close. Get your own Simpsons Avatar here.

Sxore gone

If you haven’t noticed comments were disabled for the last 8 posts. This happened when I removed Sxore as my comments engine. I liked Sxore, but it never took off. So I plugged in Akismet and Spam Karma. In all the configuration changes I must have disabled commenting. Oops. I have fixed the issue, so Ron have at it.

At&t not surprised

I have made it my mission to remove at&t from my life. I started this effort after a customer service rep had informed me that my Local loop could not support DSL, but at my expense I could upgrade the local loop. Just for clarification at the time I was living in a suburban community definitely not in the middle of the sticks. So I pledged to spend nothing with At&t, I dropped idsl Internet services, I dropped voice service to my home all I have left is cell service. At the end of my contract I am going to drop it.

I wasn’t surprised to read aboutAt&t’s move to censor their network traffic. I suspect that they are practicing for contracts in China. Nothing like sanctioning customers without due process, so I would like to offer some suggestions for additional services At&t can offer:

At&t Morality network filtering.
At&t Patent infringement network filtering.
At&t Free speech network filtering.

Here is the new slogan:
Our World. Filtered.

Did I mention that they are Headquartered in Texas.

Back from the dead

The site was choking on a fur ball for the last few days. I have been without a reliable internet connection in the evenings, resulting in a long outage. So after resolving my Mysql problem I decided to upgrade just about everything. So you might experience some issues over the next few days. I have added permalinks and will be upgrading my theme and finally getting the Feedburner installed. So pardon my dust it should stabilize by the end of the week and I should be back on a regular post schedule.

The Sapphire wave of Master Data

I spent a great deal of time attending Master Data Management sessions. Many people I spoke with observed that Master Data Management was a popular topic. Companies have come to embrace the value of high quality data. The level of complexity varies by domain, Material being the most complex and vendor being the least complex, customer and employee somewhere between the two. One of the speakers thought that material master data might be 10x more complex compared to vendor. In simple terms data is still an under valued asset. As more companies work to implement service oriented architectures and build more complex composite applications, the value of the high quality data will become even more evident.

Some critical success factors from the sessions I attended:

  • Executive sponsorship is required
  • The business must drive the master data effort
  • Take a focused approach (aka don’t boil the ocean)
  • Treat data quality like product quality, with the same rigor

SAP and the way forward to the “New Idea”

I am at Sapphire this week and spent hour listening to Hasso Plattner talk about his “New idea”. The “New Idea” seemed to be SAP meets all the cool and new technologies. So I thought how does SAP get its customer base from an R/3 world to this “New Idea”. So I thought about it (Danger, I’m thinking) and I think Hasso hinted at the way forward. He was talking about the 1000’s of services this “New Idea” would have and in one brief moment said those service definitions would look like the current Enterprise Service Repository (ESR). The ESR, is the road forward or at least the foundation of the road forward. Customers who share Hasso’s vision of the “New Idea” will have to implement the SAP solutions composed of the services in the ESR.

It is the abstraction that the Service layer provides from the actual implementation that offers to free customers from the underlying SAP software. It is that freedom that allows customers to operate and create value independent SAP code base. Adaptation will occur at the service layer decoupling customer customization from standard SAP. The use of SAP ESR based solutions offers a higher rate of adaptation and easier upgrades. The service abstraction also allows SAP implementations to more at a velocity independent of the business processes. This offers SAP the opportunity to address feature lead time and allows customers to supplement SAP with third parties until SAP implements the desired functionality without great risk.

It will be an interesting day when SAP demonstrates value of the Service abstraction with customer success stories, but my guess that day is not far off.