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A clean Design

A clean Design

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I really like the design of this truck. GE it appears thought of the out side of the truck as an opportunity to create a useful interface. The warning is right at eye level, and the driving comment number is clear and easy to read. The truck also does not carry an information that is time sensitive, like campaigns or advertising slogans. Well Done GE.

My Interface Design Principles

I did some work on putting together a new interface design for an application. So, I thought I would provide my guiding principles.

  1. “Information becomes the interface”, Edward Tufte in Visual Explanations p.142.
  2. “OODA Loop” (Observation, Orientation, Decision, Action) By Col John Boyd, USAF (Ret).
  3. Information displays should strive to be no wider than 16 choices and 2 levels deep.
  4. Base change on real observed behavior. The qualitative can not eliminate the quantitative
  5. To some degree the interface has to be stupid simple. The antithesis to this principle is demonstrated by some large ERP software vendors.
  6. Do as much work beyond view of the customer as possible.
  7. Icons are Iconic or they are not valuable.
  8. Visual oriented communication occurs a faster rate and results in increased short term retention
  9. Make help always available and obvious
  10. Continuity Continuity Continuity
  11. Empathy

Examples of How to Build Continuity

I have put together a screen cast of web sites that are moving to increase the continuity of experience for their users. As the web continues to mature, the lines between local applications and web applications are going to slowly disappear. Companies Like Google, Amazon, Yahoo, and others are making it clear that web applications are no longer going to be the lesser cousin to desktop applications. Enjoy.

Continuity Builders screen cast